There was a man who decided he wanted to do something with his backyard. He went to the store and bought materials. Excited about the project, he put all the materials in the backyard. Then suddenly realized, he was not sure what to do with them. 

Each day he looked outside and got upset because he was not sure what he really wanted. Soon days passed into months and then years. By now, the materials were bleached by the sun and new little critters had found homes in the sitting material. 

The man was called away on an extended business trip. His wife tired of seeing the mess and wishing to do something nice for her husband, called a landscaping company who she hired to finish the backyard. After the two weeks, the man returned from his trip late at night.

The next morning, the man looked into the backyard expecting to see his materials. To his surprise, he saw a beautiful garden, a pond with fish, a fountain, lush grass and a bench. He quickly called to his wife to come at once. As she was coming, the door bell rang.

It was the landscaper coming to give the wife the receipt for the work done.  The wife invited the landscaper in to meet her husband. What happened next...

I guess it depends on who you ask.

Accountant: How much did all that cost? 

HomeOwner's Association: Did you get this project approved with us?

Penny Pincher: Who is paying for it? 

Recycler: What happened to the old material? 

Gossiper: Is divorce on the horizon? 

Landscaper: Why is a landscaper dropping off the receipt now? 

Late riser: What time is it in the morning?

Nosy Neighbor: Can I see the backyard?

Woman's TV Network: Could we make a movie about the relationship of the wife and the landscaper?

Man's TV Network: Can we see footage of the landscaper's truck fleet in action?

Home Improvement Network: At 6pm tonight, we will show you how to make your own zen garden using materials sitting around the backyard.

Local News: Local man returns home to find his wife has altered his backyard without him knowing. See all the details on the news at 10pm.

Pro Woman Group: See! It takes a woman to finish a man's job.  

Pro Man's Group: A woman, yet again, trying to take over my project. I liked my stuff where I left it.  

So many different point of views.

Now, if we were to take the scriptures and present a story from them, how many different interpretations would we find? 


This site is about finding the

 "plain meaning" 

in the scriptures using:

The actual scripture,
Reading it in context  
Using the readers own relationship with the creator of the universe to prayerfully ask Yehovah what is his message.


The story did have an ending by the way...sort of.

This is how it went...

The man thanked the landscaper and hugged his wife. It was more than he expected. He was glad it was over.

The next day, the man went to the store to start a new project for his garage.....Oy vey!

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